Laughter therapy workshops for groups in Barcelona

It is a space for any person who wants to take a little time to himself/herself towards their well-being. Through games and simple activities, we create a lively and fun environment that reveals complicity, spontaneity, creativity, joy and a calm state of mind, generating a strong group cohesion. Releasing deep laughter, it helps to release stress and body tensions, creating a positive state.


All this is done progressively and respectfully making the experience easy and beneficial to all participants regardless their condition.


If you are part of a group we can organize a specific laughter therapy workshop for you and your friends or family. This practice is highly recommended as a team-building activity, for a bachelorette party or a birthday party.


Date and time

The date and time is arranged depending on the availability of both parts.


Number of participants

From 8 to 30 people


2 hours



We moved to wherever you want to celebrate this workshop. A wide open room and a stereo are needed. If it is held in Barcelona and do not have a space we offer you one in Rambla de Canaletas, 130 2º 1ªA Plaza Catalunya 08002 Barcelona



This laughter therapy workshop is available in English and French (la rire thérapie).




To be confirm


For more information, reservations and budgets contact us! 

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