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These are some opinions given by students participating in laughter therapy training.


"It is a gift for the soul that opens the heart and connects you with your most beautiful and tender part." How nice it is to learn while enjoying the process!"


"For me, training has meant opening myself up to other horizons, a road that contains the essence of humanity, an ocean of love"


"I recommend this course because it is important to know about yourself, grow and be better." 


"For me it has represented a profound change. It has meant discovering my femininity, intuition, sensitivity and that I can create beauty, and it has helped me overcome many fears, shame, judgments, prejudices... and all those "little things" with which we "we move around the world"


"Training in laughter therapy marks a before and after in my life. I have learned to be present, enjoy and allow myself to enjoy. It is like a feeling of having just arrived into the world, of having just been born. You see things as if it were the first Once, you admire them, you enjoy them, you delight in them, and time does not pass, because you are living them NOW."


"Months of great intensity, vibrant learning experience, acceptance, sharing with others from the most authentic depth, dancing, flowing, putting a lot of scent into my life. Now I can perceive the perfume of flowers and thank and appreciate everyone."


"It is very difficult to put words to such an intense experience. I think the best thing is to live it, experience it and put all my heart and soul into the sensations. Personally, it has changed my life. My view of the (outside) world is more positive, broader and closer to people. My inner world is rearranging itself and I feel closer to what I want, more coherent with my actions and my desires. I have learned to receive and give love and affection and above all I have realized "That the most important thing in life is to give a smile. The one that opens doors, the one that nullifies fear, the one that brings us closer."


"For me this course, as I said in the first presentation:

I wanted to give myself a gift, and I was right. Laughter opened the door of joy for me, she invited me to play and "not think." I felt and laughed, I laughed and felt and continued "without thinking" WELL, I discovered myself, I grew and loved everyone present, "presents=gifts". And I have changed, I can assure you and with it my daily days have changed, a "Mona Lisa" smile accompanies me through the streets of the city, I am happier and more authentic. Ah! sometimes I get angry huh? but now I return sooner to where I want to be and be.

And all this has been thanks to you, who have been a gift.

A hug from those multitudinous and smiling people that we know how to do so WELL."


"In truth, dear friend, it is very difficult to express in words the intense and beautiful experience that you have provided me with.

From the outset, I am overcome with great gratitude towards everything and everyone:

To the whisper of the wind, to the song of the water and the perfume of the forest and the light of the stars in Can Benet, to all the emotions contained and that were expressed, to the laughter and the joy of being and being alive, to all the companions on this stretch of the road (to you, brother Enrique, to Carmen, Besma, Patxi, Pau, Teresa, Lidia, Sara, Rodri, Barbarakay, Dayana, Dyxon, Adela, Juani, to the entire Can Benet team, to the birds and spirits that were present), to the power of magic words (Yes, Y, Om), of song and dance, to the power of light and consciousness." 


"Doing the intensive summer training on Laughter Therapy at the Barcelona Laughter Therapy School has been an exquisite learning experience where it has allowed me to rediscover myself, discover the little girl I carry inside, enjoy learning with all the techniques we have, games, dances, music, group cohesion, complicity, good humor, joy and knowing more about that complicated emotional mechanism in which people move. Valuing the present and a positive attitude towards life. I feel satisfied and confident that everyone The knowledge acquired spreads around me like the sparks of an expansive fire such as laughter.

 Laughter is magic, alchemy, the best medicine...

 Moltes thanks to all the professors who have collaborated!" 


"I can say that after the summer intensive of laughter therapy I have returned to my body what my personal crisis of the last few months had taken from me. My blood pressure, which was already obsessing me, has stabilized, my menstrual cycle has normalized and I have I have recovered sleep. It is a sensation of wearing underwear of relaxation and peace. Long live the yawns that are not from boredom! And yet there is everything else about how I have seen myself in character, attitude, how I have explored myself, how I I have realized or verified once again my positive and negative parts and everything that this entails in accepting them and letting them be to a greater or lesser degree, since I decide it and, of course, this is going to take me a lifetime. And then there is the place where we were, Can Benet, the landscape, the trees, the air, the food and its chickpea extras, the outings that some of us took at 7 in the morning, the pool and the sun, the toad,... .And the group, of course. Wonderful people who never stop growing. And growing, growing, growing we are making our little path. Thank you."


"From my experience, encourage people to allow themselves the experience through play, sharing laughter and endless emotions with others, different for each one of course, because we are unique and genuine. Enjoy with yourself and with others, and the laughter that opens doors for you."


"I signed up for the intensive laughter therapy as a way to spend a fun vacation, but the result exceeded all my expectations. It was 8 days where I lived with emotion every hour, I was surprised, I learned new things about myself and about others, I was fulfilled and I understood what health means, and I was aware of the important things in life. I know that this workshop represents a turning point and reflection for me and is, without a doubt, the best gift I have ever given myself. Thank you for doing it possible.


"This summer course has been intense, broad and complete for me. It has covered my expectations until the glass overflowed, which, by the way, was a glass with a nose, which looked like a man coming from the city to the countryside and who played the drum. I have discovered laughter in me and how it can help to say "yes, go ahead." The benefit will always be mutual when I dedicate myself to laughter. The teachers are very good." 


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